Syrian Refugees & Their Crisis

Syria is a part of western Asia. Due to a civil war on 15th March 2011, almost 12 million Syrians had to left their homeland. Now, these Syrians are refugees in countries like Turkey, Egypt, etc.  Refugees mean those persons who had to left everything behind them even had to leave their motherland also just to be alive. These refugees are facing such a crisis that in pandemic they even skip taking meal every time. They don’t even have enough clean drinking water to drink when the whole world is maintaining an extreme level of hygiene. They are facing a crisis for food, for cloth, for basic need for survival. They are homeless they are jobless they have no land no citizenship they are refugees. Their lives are in crisis.


As the civil war took place against President Assad so the force of the government of Syria at that time brutally crushed the protestors. Almost half of the population was that time became refugees. The children are scared and homeless. A major part of the refugees is the children of Syria,. Thousands and thousands of Syrians were brutally killed. To save life most of the persons migrated to the country’s border and took shelter in countries like Turkey, Egypt, Qatar, etc.

The geographical location of Syria

Syrian is a part of Western Asia. On the north side, there is the Arabian Peninsula. The neighboring countries at the border are Turkey at the north, Lebanon, and Israel to the Westside and southwest side, Iraq to the east, and Jordan to the south. [1]

The story behind the Syrian civil war

On 15th March 2011, a pro-democratic protest was upheld in the city Deraa of Syria. Some teenagers wrote some revolutionary slogans on the school wall. The security forces of the government open fired on the demonstrators, arrest, and torture the teenagers. This issue brings nationwide unrest.

The nation demands the president Assad’s resignation. In that situation, the government uses force to crush the protestors very brutally. Thousands of supporters homeless and were on street. At first, protestors were brutally crushed by the force then they start to revolt back. The protestors also start taking violent actions against government forces. [2]

They took arms at first to protect themselves in self-defense then day by day the revolt become stronger. The violence becomes so brutal that a civil war starts in the country.

This is the story of how exactly the civil war started in Syria. When this war started it was a conflict between the supporter of President Assad and the nonsupporter of president Assad. Now so many countries are involved in it. Now it is worldwide news which is still going on.

Countries Involved in the War

Nowadays Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan even the US, UK, and France such countries are somehow involved in the war.[3]

Devastating pictures

According to the UN, 90,000 people were killed in the battle by June 2013, and by August 2015 the number reached 250,000. The civilians are scared and afraid every second, they have no standard life which a normal human being deserves to have.

Chemical weapons were also charged on civilians. In August 2013 rockets filled with the nerve agent sarin were fired at several suburbs of Damascus. [3] Some say it was the action of the Syrian Government but the said government denied that.

Not only that, even chlorine was used very systematically in deadly attacks in the year 2014. The government of Syrian also denied that.[3]


Refugees are those who have to leave everything behind them and have to leave the homeland also, for the security of their own lives.[6]


As the crisis defines the difficult and dangerous situations so in my article I will draw in detail what difficult and dangerous situation the Syrian civilians had faced and till now facing.

When the conflict started a huge number of Syrian citizens left the country and became refugees.

Most of them were women and children. The number was almost 4.5 million. A huge number of civilians were killed also. The refugees when left the country they migrated to neighboring countries like Turkey, Jordan, etc. [3]

It was a huge problem for those countries also where they migrated. The countries had to manage the huge number of refugees and to handle the burden.

Million of people are displaced in Syrian and millions of people live in some places where it’s almost impossible to survive. They don’t have basic aid to live a normal life.

Almost 3 million refugees are registered in Turkey. So officially 3 million refugees get shelter in Turkey. The Turkey government announced that the registered refugees can get citizenship in Turkey but the norms and processes and conditions were not ever announced by the Turkey govt. The refugees have work permit over there. But other countries also did not provide citizenship to the Syrian refugees so the Syrian refugees are still facing numerous difficulties in day to day life. A large section of refugees went to Egypt but because of the anti-Syrian mentality of the Egyptian government, the refugees had to flee from there also. Syria is not a place like India where almost maximum country land can be used by civilians to live their lives. The soil quality in Syria is a mixture of clay, sand, and silt and somewhere chalky also. Syrian desert is not sandy but comprises of rocks and gravel. So from the above information, it is clear that the country’s land wholly can not be used by the civilian to survive, still, a huge amount of Syrian civilians are displaced in the country.  They are struggling a lot for the basic need of human beings like food, cloth, medicines.

More than 6 million Syrians are displaced internally according to UNHCR.

As the Syrian refugees not having any citizenship so no govt. take responsibilities regarding their day to day problems, regarding jobs, basic rights, foods, etc. Some Syrian refugees are still facing problems as they don’t have basic clear water to drink. [4]

Pandemic and Syrian Refugees

The whole world is facing the pain of the Pandemic. The Syrian refugees also are facing the pandemic. Because of lockdown and the medical reason the food and other basic need are in hindrance in supply.

Vulnerable Syrian refugees skip taking meals to save the food as the supply chain cut in a pandemic situation. There every individual is suffering every single day to survive. As every Syrian refugee struggling a lot to survive every single day.  In this pandemic when hygiene is so important they even don’t have clean drinking water, they don’t have sufficient food that they can have their meal every day, they even do t have enough medicines, and no sufficient medical facility if anyone is infected by COVID 19. As per the UN Humanitarians, the emergency of Syrian refugees in the pandemic takes a dramatic hike.[5]

The refugees are not a citizen of any countries where they live after the civil war of Syria so they are jobless in most of the time and they cannot use any facilities like rationing facility, govt. medical facilities which all are for citizens of every country. They live their lives on aids only, on which they also have no special right so if the aid stopped by the country they even cannot raise their voice for the aid to survive. They are suffering extremely.

Almost 12 million Syrian refugees need basic help on the humanitarian ground out of which almost 50%  that is almost 6 million are children. These children also need to go to school, have the right to education but as they are refugees so no govt. takes their responsibility.


The refugees are human beings they also need basic things to survive like food, drinking water, clothes, hygiene, security, etc. They also have the basic right to live. But because of the status of refugees, they are fighting hard to claim their basic needs. They are homeless they had to leave everything behind even their homeland just to remain alive. These people need humanitarian support. They are just like us but because of refugee status, they are in a terrible crisis. They are at such a level of the crisis of basic needs that in a pandemic situation hygiene is quite a luxury for them.  They expect some humanity from the world so we must come forward for the Syrian refugees.


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