PUC Certificate: A Must

PUC Certificate or Pollution Under Control Certificate is a certificate given by the Indian Government to the owners of the vehicles. The Government opened many PUC centres all over the country and we can be able to get a PUC certificate from these centres. PUC management system checks the concentration of Carbon Monoxide and if it is above limit then service of a vehicle will be done in PUC centre. As under The Central Motor Vehicle Act, 1989 it is mandatory to bring RC, Insurance of vehicle, Driving License and PUC certificate while driving a vehicle. If you will not bring a PUC certificate, then you will be liable to pay a fine of 1000 rupees. Due to busy life, the use of Motor Vehicles is increasing day by day and it harms our environment, so govt. decided to make the certificate necessary.


As we all know that life of a person in this busy world is very busy and due to busy life people use a huge number of vehicles. Due to the heavy use of vehicles pollution is increasing day by day and the government want to stop the increasing amount of pollution. Many vehicles release a huge amount of carbon monoxide and this carbon monoxide is harmful to our health. So, recently the government decided to make a new certificate for the vehicles which is known as PUC (Pollution Under Control) Certificate. This certificate will be provided to the owners of those vehicles which emit a reasonable or balanced amount of carbon monoxide. You cannot get a PUC Certificate online because emission test is necessary for obtaining a PUC Certificate. Once you get the PUCC then you can download it from the official website of Parivahan. PUC centres work in all 7 days of a week but for fixed timing.

As according to The Central Motor Vehicle Act, 1989 it is mandatory to bring a PUC certificate whenever you drive a vehicle like RC, Insurance of vehicle and Driving License. The government had recently opened many centres in our country for providing PUC Certificate to the owners of vehicles. When you buy a new vehicle then PUC certificate will be provided with the vehicle and a PUC certificate is valid for 1 year. If you have an old vehicle then you have to go to Emission Centre and pay the fee to get PUC certificate. If you found driving without any PUC certificate, then a fine of 1000 rupees will be taken from you. Now PUC certificate is a necessary document for renewing the insurance of your vehicle. There are not some specific vehicles which need PUC certificate, but Every vehicle powered by internal combustion engines (petrol/diesel/CNG/LPG) and are lying on Indian Public Roads requires a PUC certificate. A PUC Certificate is valid all over India.

In case of MC Mehta v. Union of India and Others[i] Supreme Court gave its Verdict that in the NCR region of Delhi Pollution is increasing day by day. It says that an insurance company must check the PUC Certificate before insuring the vehicle in the NCR region of Delhi.

There are five contents which are available on PUC certificate and those are: –

  • Registration no. of the vehicle.
  • Serial no. of PUC certificate.
  • Date when the PUC test is done.
  • Validation date of PUC test.
  • PUC test reading.

Procedure of PUC test is very easy and simple. If you buy a new vehicle then dealer of the vehicle will arrange a PUC certificate for your vehicle, and it is valid for 1 year. A PUCC must be renewed after the expiry and for the renewal you have to go to an authorised petrol pump for the test. They will scan the ejection pipe to check the emission rate of carbon monoxide. Then you have to pay the fee and PUC certificate will be provided to you. You can check your PUC Certificate on an online platform i.e. on the official site ‘Parivahan’. If you go for renewal after expiry of Pollution Under Control Certificate, then there are not any late fees for test.

The cost of a PUC certificate is not in large amount, but the cost of PUC certificate is very less, and it is Rs.60/- to Rs.100/-. The cost is different according to the type of fuel. A PUC certificate of Car and Bike is valid for 1 year and then it will be renewed and valid for 6 months and it can be changed according to the reading. The Validity of PUCC is same for all types of vehicles. A vehicle of one state can get the PUCC from any other state of the country.

A PUC certificate have a lot of benefits regarding the environment and other things and these are: –

  • It Shows That You Will Be Caring For The Environment – We know that pollution have very bad impact on the environment and it harms human health, so by ensuring that your vehicle is emitting carbon monoxide within limit fixed by government you’ll be helping to keep the environment clean.
  • Able to Aware of Your Vehicle’s Condition – When you regularly go to the emission centre to renew your PUC certificate every 6 months, then you will be able to know about the pollution level of your vehicle. If level of pollution is high you can go to company and take service for your vehicle and your vehicle become in good condition.
  • It Ensures That You Are A Law-Abiding Citizen – The Central Motor Vehicle Act, 1989 says that it is mandatory to have a PUC certificate of a vehicle with other documents and not having PUCC will lead to decided Penalties.
  • PUCC Is Necessary for Vehicle’s Insurance – A PUC certificate is one of the compulsory documents to renew your vehicle’s insurance.

PUC Certificate is Must

To renew the Insurance of your vehicle you have to carry a valid PUC certificate. Supreme Court of India gave the decision that an insurance company when renewing insurance of a vehicle must check the valid PUC certificate of the vehicle in the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has told to the insurance providers to follow the decision of the Supreme Court. With the ruling, insurers will ask for the vehicle valid PUC certificate before renewing the policy. In a circular, the insurance regulator said that the Central Pollution Control Board has brought attention to the status of compliance in the direction of the Supreme Court in the NCR. It added that the insurers must ensure they comply with the direction, especially in the NCR of Delhi. 


When we talk about the environment then we also think that now a day’s pollution is increasing rapidly and polluting our environment. Due to the busy schedule of people, heavy use of vehicles is done by the people and due to the increasing use of vehicles our environment is polluted day by day. Our government plan a policy thinking about the environment and the policy is the PUC certificate. Nowadays PUC certificate is a hot topic because people are irresponsible towards the environment and do not think about it. PUC certificate is an old plan, but people do not take it seriously so the govt make PUC certificate must renew the insurance of the vehicle. Use to these people is scared and taking this seriously. The government had taken a smart decision of making it must renew the insurance and if you will drive a vehicle without a PUC certificate then a fine of 1000 rupees will be charged from the driver. A PUC Certificate is valid al over India and you can obtain it from any state. This PUC certificate helps us to save the environment by stopping pollution. Now PUC certificate is must and people will do work with fear but not with concerning about something, so with this fear that if they do not have a PUC certificate then insurance of vehicle will not be renewed every person will go to get a PUC certificate.


Is A Pollution Certificate Require for A New Vehicle?

A new vehicle will be sold with a PUC Certificate which is valid for 1 year. So, you have to renew it after 1 year and then after every 6 months.

What Is the Cost of Obtaining A PUC Certificate?

The cost for renewing Certificate ranges between Rs. 60 – Rs. 100 depending upon the type of vehicle as well as fuel type.

Is PUC Certificate Valid All Over India?

Yes, PUC Certificate is valid all over India.

Where Can We Get A PUC Certificate?

We can get a PUC Certificate from any valid Emission Centre across India.

What Is the Validity of A PUC Certificate?

When you buy a new vehicle then you get a PUCC with the vehicle and that is valid for 1 year and then you go for renovation after every 6 months.


[i] 1987 SCR (1) 819, AIR 1987 965

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