Call For Interns

About the Organization

Indian Law Portal (ILP) is an emerging law portal with the intent to be India’s go to law portal. Our aim is to provide ease to best content and develop future. It is an online platform of which solemnly focuses to provide guidance and create a relationship between the law students and research. 

It seeks to devote all the success and accomplishment to its budding lawyers forming the ILP Team. The main objective is to create opportunities for the students to have an advanced research which is must for every law student and welcomes all the universities/colleges/institutions all over India.

Every Article write-up written by the intern will be published in the name of Author which will be specifically mentioned in the Internship Certificate.

About the Internship

The Internship will be Online and the interns will be allotted as per the availability of their Profile.

Internship Period: 1 December, 2020 – 31 December, 2020

Internship Type: Online Internship

Work Type: Research, drafting and writing.

Work will include Case Analysis, Article writing, Blog writing or write ups related to the latest news etc.

The interns will be given an opportunity to select their area of work, which after the acceptance of mentors can be processed further for write-ups.

Expected Skills

  1. MS-Office Handling
  2. Legal Writing Skills
  3. Research Skills

Selection Process

The candidates must send their profile which includes their respective resume and a Sample Writing (Published or Unpublished) to internship.ilp[at]

The selection will be based on the basis of the Resume and Sample Writing sent by the candidate.

The applications are open till 25 September, 2020.


  • Internship Certificate 
  • Publication under the name of Author on our website.

Note: During the internship the candidates are required to submit all the assignments assigned as per the guidelines provided. In case of such failure to submit the assigned work, the certificate will not be given till the completion of assigned work.

Contact Details

For more information or in case of query you can contact at info.indianlawportal[at] or WhatsApp +91 7413846071.