Challenges in India with Clean Fuel Use

Indians are used to using kerosene oil and LPG gas for cooking without keeping a tab on the impact it creates on the health of the women or the child in the house and also the pollution it emits to the country as a whole. Clean fuel usage is the remedy that can reduce the country’s pollution if the majority of people in the country use it. The author has tried to explain the importance of clean fuel in today’s world in vehicles and in cooking and the benefits we can get from using it. The author has placed the lens on the challenges that we have in using clean fuel in India and how we can rectify it as soon as possible.


Today, India stands in one of the main countries in pollution emission, and particularly when it comes to air pollution, India is in a terrible stage and the need to rectify the situation by the government is huge now. In such a hugely populated country like India, greenhouse gas is emitted in such a huge number and from various things. The need to control such emissions is mandatory and that is why Clean fuel in today’s world is of such importance. Countries all over the world all looking forward to implementing the usage of clean fuel by everyone in their country and looking to find a way to do that. With proper plans and implementation, this could be the changing point in terms of pollution in countries across the world.

Clean Fuel and its Importance

Clean fuel is where we use gases with little or no emissions of greenhouse gases. There are various gases where the emission is low, but till now we have used a very little amount of renewable resources and it is high time that we utilize the unharmful fuels and invest more to find out a way to use these gases. Clean fuel can be utilized in many areas such as in vehicles and cooking and various other things as well.

Importance of Clean fuel in vehicles

There cannot be a lot of people who don’t own any vehicle with them in this country and the importance of vehicle for one’s life doesn’t have to be explained. The fuel which helps the vehicle to run and its emission has to be reduced because the impact level of the same can be huge with the level of population our country has. In April 2020, as per the Bharat Stage (BS) emission standards, the vehicle companies should only sell BS-VI (BS6) vehicles changing from BS-IV (BS4) and this is expected to bring down the air pollution level across the country. 

Importance of Clean fuel in cooking

In cooking, many people are not aware of household air pollution(HAP) that is emitted from cooking smoke and with the government Ujjwala program the awareness for clean fuel cooking is better now, comparatively but a lot more is needed. While burning of biomass fuels for cooking has been a practice for a long time in India, the need to shift to pollution-free clean fuel cooking is necessary to reduce the pollution right from home. Women and children report various diseases because of this practice and it has to be rectified and the government should create more awareness of using fuels that create pollution and try to shift them to clean fuel in cooking. If there is enough awareness about health benefits that we can get through using clean fuels instead of kerosene oil and the chances of people changing to clean fuel are better after we create such awareness of health benefits that it can provide.

Challenges of Clean Fuel usage in India

Accessibility: Although clean fuel usage in various sectors has many advantages, the availability and accessibility of such fuel should reach every person in this country, and it’s very tough to achieve when people are used to something else.[1]The The government should ask its state and other lower-level governments to provide such a resource where it is estimated that over 800 million people in India use biomass fuel. People should be encouraged to use this clean fuel and it should be accessible and not only available to the higher sector of the people in the country. It may have many advantages but with the population we have, it is going to be a huge challenge for the government to provide clean fuel to every single person in the country.

R&D in BS-VI

The Automobile industry was forced to use BS-VI which will emit less greenhouse gas when compared to the previous BS version and this involves the automobile companies to invest in its research and development to find out a technology which will help its product to emit less pollution as mandated by the Honourable Supreme Court order[2] While this is a great initiative to reduce the pollution from vehicles, it is not easy to produce BS-VI diesel and make up a compressor constrained due to high chemical hydrogen consumption. Added to this, the automakers do have a large stock that does not comply with this and for the same reason can be forced to face huge losses in the industry. There are also concerns regarding the fuel rates and vehicle rates being expensive in the longer run.


While the larger population in our country is from the rural world, the awareness of the use of clean fuel and its use in cooking and vehicles is not known to many people. In families, where people know the disadvantages of using other forms of fuels and advantages of using clean fuel, people don’t hesitate to change the gas but usually, it’s the awareness point that is one of the important hurdles for the clean fuel to gain popularity. Government through various plan and schemes, create awareness for the same and people should be encouraged to use this to see the real impact of using clean fuel.


In cooking, people are used to using kerosene and LPG gas and it will not be easy to make the people change to clean fuel gas. There is a presumption among the people that food cooked in kerosene gas is tastier and healthier, but the reality is different. This should change and it will take time to do it but the country requires such a change among the people because of its impact on our environment.[3] Schemes and programs by the government must be done more seriously to make people recognize the importance of clean fuel and how much of an impact it can create on our environment as a whole.


 The available substitutes are much cheaper than the clean fuel right now and when it comes to the price of it, India being a country with a lot of middle-class families it will be a challenge to make them change to clean fuel in the longer run. Undoubtedly, clean fuel is more advantageous but since the price factor is not favoring the people added on with available substitutes which people are used to, it will be a challenge to make people use clean fuel for the same reason. Again, the governments should take initiative to provide clean fuel at the minimum price and promote the use of the same by providing it in the ration shops and such things has to be done to change the situation of the same.


It is clear that clean fuel usage has many advantages and its substitutes being kerosene in cooking and other things have many disadvantages and cause health problems to women and children inside the home. However, clean fuel usage is not yet popular down the rural area and the awareness and availability of the same are very less among the people mainly in rural areas. Government and NGOs and other organizations as well should take initiative to create awareness and also make the fuel available at an affordable price to everyone in this country.

With shifting to BS-VI, the petrol and diesel price has been ever-increasing even in this pandemic time and many people believe that the price will keep increasing for a longer time. These are only a few challenges that the country has, however practically, many challenges may arise in the due course of time. We have no compromise on whether to use clean fuel or not, and the next few years will be a challenge to the government and other authorities to make people try out this for the betterment of themselves and the country.

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